As the end of the year approaches, more and more homeowners and house residents consider it to be a good time to check the status of the insulation in their houses. This is a good time to replace, renew, add, or simply change the insulation.

We all have heard about climate change and climate modification because of human action. We are currently suffering the consequences of our actions. It really has no relevance if Covid 19 was an experiment gone wrong or this virus really came from the reckless action of a culture that has no respect for life, their environment, or the need to be cautious and restrained. 

What is relevant is that this is something that we all need to face. COVID-19 has taken the lives of humans, company animals, farm animals, and wildlife. It isn’t rare to consider Covid-19 an experiment gone wrong, as it has taken a severe toll on all living things.

But let’s move forward, as this is not a matter that we can deal with on our own. What is important is the integrity or lack thereof of the insulation in your home.  

Of course, it might be difficult and, at the same time, a dreaded task to remove furniture, fixings, accessories, and drywall to see if the insulation still “works”.  While it’s the best way to go about it, specialty considering that in the event you need to change, alter or replace insulation, you still will need to do the entire process.

Yet, if you want to avoid this at the best of your abilities, consider how much you are spending on climate your home, and what is it you still to achieve.

For instance:

  • On rainy days, do you feel your walls “wet”?
  • During hot days, do you run the a/c 24/7? 
  • Have you experienced that, even work the a/c, the temperature perception doesn’t change that much outside vs inside?
  • During wintry days, do you experience the same problems?

And do you have your a/c and heating central worth timely and routine checkups? Then it is time for you to check the integrity of your insulation.

In a very centered and fair point of view, let’s consider that insulation in your house couple has been installed in time, but environmental change could have caused it to be obsolete.  Also, maybe the insulation they placed was too thin for a different environmental temperature or individual requirements and such requirements fell short with current needs and preferences.

Therefore, do not waste time searching for a reason rather than the solution. Climatically, there is a small window of time between the rainy days and the cold ones. It is a perfect opportunity to review the status and performance of your insulation against the way you keep your indoor climate and decide if this season will you need to up your insulation.

If you are still uncertain about it as it might be that the discrepancy between the costs and the performance is small enough to be discarded as relevant; think of this:

  • How cold was it for your last cold season? Do not consider the “normal” cold-warm days, but think about the days in which the cold temperatures broke records or were as cold enough to break records?
  • Do you have senior citizens living with you? As people grow older, their bodies are less able to maintain a high body temperature. This is the reason “old folks” are always wearing sweaters. 
  • Do you or anyone you live with have a health condition? Some health issues such as covid-19 aftermath symptoms can be exacerbated by cold and humidity. There is numerous people who have died of Covid-19 aftermath problems such as heart and lung conditions. 

You also need to consider non-Covid 19 related health problems; cancer, diabetes, blood pressure (high and low) and anemia are some of the many illnesses and health conditions that can cause a drop in body temperature.  They can cause further health issues. 

  • Maybe at the moment, none of you have any health issues. If so, congratulations. But it is important also to consider your age and genetics. Age can be the onset of other problems, and it will always be prudent to be cautious and prepare. 

You might feel that this is way too much to consider, but it is not. Precaution and foreseeing are key to preventing problems. In our experience, even if our dear customers believe that committing to such an enterprise is troublesome and expensive, we would like to remind you of the costs of a health issue. From medications to doctor’s appointments to the toll that caring for a sick person brings about 

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire someone else, undoubtedly, these days are the best ones to check the performance of your insulation and replace, renew, strengthen, or change it. 

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