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R 19 15 48 U

Starting at $41.73/bag


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At Pacific Material Supply we sell all kinds of Johns Manville Insulation. John Manville is the #2 selling brand of Insulation in the United States. We sell batts, Blow, and RMAX Sheathing. In addition we carry all types of insulation accessories.



R 13 15 93 Kraft

Starting at $45.04/bag



R 30 16 48 U

Starting at $46.34/bag



R 38 16 48 U

Starting at $43.90/bag



R 38 24 48 U

Starting at $65.86/bag


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At Pacific Material Supply we pride ourselves on being the best Insulation supply to insulation installers and homeowners. With over 26 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU we are the fastest and lowest price Insulation Supply for Contractors and Homeowners. We offer PICK UP OR NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Most deliveries need to be on orders over $700.

We sell Johns Manville Fiberglass Insulation primarily. We also sell Owens Corning, CertainTeed and Knauf in select locations. We carry all R values, Greenfiber cellulose insulation, Climate Pro Blow in insulation, Rmax Poly-ISO Board and all the accessories you need to complete your installation job. We supply our insulation installers small orders delivered direct to the their job site or they can will call. For qualified contractors we can distribute insulation with payment terms. Starting at Net 15 we can establish trust and extend for those contractors that order often.

We Sell these R values and all widths. You can buy it Unfaced or Kraft faced (with Paper)

R 11 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

R 13 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

R 15 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

R 19 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

R 21 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

R 30 fiberglass insulation batts for attics

R 38 fiberglass insulation batts for walls

Mineral wool Sound proofing Insulation

Blow in Insulation

Insulation accessories.

FSK Insulation

Rmax Rigid Boards

Pacific Material Supply. Your go to company for insualtion supply and distribution