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Project: Remove and Prevent Mold: Sewing Room

Having a home is always a never-ending job. There are always things that need tweaking, fixing, repairing, or changing. Sometimes, this job is tedious. This is how we maintain the house’s health, sturdiness, and retail value.   Today we want to discuss a situation that we have faced in the past. Of course, this is a […]

How to Install Vapor Barriers Perfectly

drop ceiling

Wall insulation is the second most important insulation to have in your home.  The wall area is the second most common and important leak for indoor weather and ambiance conditioning any household has.  As a result, it is the second most important energy bill leak for any family economy.  Sadly, wall insulation still seems to […]

Wall lnsulation Types: Which is Best for Your Home?

Why insulate in the first place? Having good insulation is one of the most important characteristics in a home. During winter, insulation will prevent the hot air generated by your heating system from escaping and, in summer, the house from overheating. This, in addition to making the home more comfortable, also avoids energy waste, which […]