We carry only the top brands of insulation.

There are leading companies in insulations that provide varieties of insulation types in various qualities. Their main purpose is to provide innovative insulations that can offer optimum traits of maximum R-values, soundproofing, waterproofing, and the enhancements of basic insulations.

Many of these companies date back to the early 1900s or even before. Those who have progressed to the forefront of the insulation industry have done so by providing innovative engineering and quality products. In addition to the insulation products they specialize in, they offer varieties of products in the building and construction manufacturing.

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Knauf is a family-owned company by the Knauf family, established in 1932. Knauf company has been known for its Fiberglass insulations. They also offer varieties of glass mineral wool, rock/stone wool, polystyrene, and wood wool boards for insulation.

Additionally, the company produces a variety of building materials and construction systems. They started with gypsum processing in Germany and has progressed and expanded since. Although it respectfully still runs in a family-style, the company currently holds an annual sales revenue of $1.5 billion for its insulation products.


Johns Manville is an American company that goes back to 1858. In their 160th year in the business, their products are found in multiple industries, including building products, transportation, filtrations, aerospace, commercial interiors, waterproofing, and wind energy.

They are known for their insulation with choices of fiberglass and nonwovens. They offer products in diverse lines of industrial, commercial, HVAC, OEM, and mechanical insulation. Their varieties bring them into the diversities of industries.


CertainTeed was founded in 1904 and has grown in the past 110 years to change the building products industry. The company and its affiliates have over 6300 employees and operate more than 60 manufacturing facilities in North America.

CertainTeed is known for sustainable building products starting from the interior materials to exterior roofing. CertainTeed is well known for its insulation products, including a full line of fiberglass insulation products and varieties of blow-ins and soundproof lines.

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Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a well-known company for its pink products and the pink panther mascot. They are a leading company in insulations and are well-available in major provider companies. Most of their products are available at your local stores.

Owens Corning recently proposed to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Their pink Fiberglas insulation is known for the safety and comfort of their new insulation line. They offer insulation at local stores to support roof, wall and foundation enclosure solutions, and interior acoustic, mechanical, and air distribution products.

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