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Though you might be familiar with R38 insulation—insulation solutions that have an R-value of 38—you might be wondering about the extra “C” in this product category. The “C” in R38C insulation denotes the product’s specific application for cathedral ceilings, or ceilings with two sloping symmetrical sides. If this is the type of ceiling you have in your own home, then R38C insulation is the correct type of insulation for your application. It possesses high enough resistance to heat transfer for proper usage in attics within homes located in climatic zones 1 to 7, as determined by the US Department of Energy. R38C insulation batts sold here at Pacific Insulation Supply are very easy to install into cathedral ceiling frames because of their standard dimensions. Moreover, you’ll find the best prices for R38C insulation batts and other specialty insulation products here at our store. Shop today for products that will improve your home’s ability to maintain desirable indoor temperatures!