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It’s not just rooms and buildings that need to be insulated. Many types of machinery and household systems may also require special insulation solutions to help them perform effectively and safely. Pacific Insulation Supply makes it easy to find specialty insulation products suited for HVAC, plumbing, and other systems where optimal thermal performance is needed. Contact our team to learn about different mechanical insulation solutions that will meet your project’s needs.

Mechanical insulation, also known as “industrial thermal insulation” refers to the insulation of mechanical systems, usually plumbing, ducts, HVAC, boilers, and other similar systems. This type of insulation is often necessary to improve the performance of a system, protect people working on machinery, as well as to prevent excessive condensation and mold growth.

Installing some types of specialty mechanical insulation products is not something many contractors may have direct experience in. To learn more about the performance and installation of our mechanical insulation products, feel free to contact our team.

Mechanical Insulation

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