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An insulation product’s R-value indicates how much insulating power it has and how resistant it is to heat flow. A product with an R-value of 49 is best applied for attics in homes within the US Department of Energy’s climatic Zones 1 to 7. R49 insulation products will adequately manage the heat building up in your attic. It will also prevent roof damage that occurs from shingles swelling or cracking. Your attic insulation does a lot to keep your indoor temperature cool and comfortable, so choose your products wisely. For our advice on the right kind of R49 insulation product for your application, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll make sure you’ll obtain the right one for your project.

Attic Ceiling Insulation

Knauf R49 16 x 48 unFaced Batts


Attic Ceiling Insulation

Knauf R49 24 x 48 unFaced Batts