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When shopping for insulation solutions for your home, it’s important to know how effective they’ll be at the job. One important indicator is the product’s R-value, or its resistance to heat flow. The higher a product’s R-value is, the stronger its insulation performance. While products with R-values of 30 upwards are best for attics, R21 insulation products are enough for walls and crawl spaces. Homes within the US Department of Energy’s climatic Zones 1 to 7 should use R21 insulation for their 2×6 walls. Homes located in Zone 3 can also use products with this R-value for their crawl spaces. If you need some additional advice on installing the product, don’t hesitate to tell our staff at Pacific Insulation Supply. We are insulation experts as well as distributors of quality insulation solutions. Contact us today to purchase R21 insulation at the fairest prices.