From the ever-trusted Johns Manville Insulation company, homeowners and contractors can use Climate Pro blow-in fiberglass insulation fill for insulating those difficult areas to insulate with other insulation media. 

This insulation product offers more consistent coverage and less dust beside the comfortable benefit of covering crevices and hard-to-reach spaces. These qualities will give you a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. 

For homeowners and construction specialists that would like to use the highest R-value possible, the Climate Pro blow-in comes in R-values that range from an R-11 to an R-70, which makes it far more versatile than most of the competitor’s presentations.  

You can install the Climate Pro blow in from Johns Manville in a team with the Blow-in Blanket System for easier installation and efficient application. The versatility and advantages of the Climate Pro Blow-in allow it to become an ideal match for new constructions, remodeled spaces, walls, attics, and especially irregular spaces.

Special Characteristics

The John Manville Climate Pro Blow-in has additional advantages that complement the benefits that have made the Climate Pro Blow-in John Manville product so popular in homeowners and construction companies.  

The Climate Pro Blow-in is formaldehyde-free so that there are no harmful gases that could pose a danger to you and your loved ones. It is environmentally friendly.  

Speaking about environmentally friendly, it is also thermally efficient, and thus; it provides effective resistance to heat transfer. So that when you need to keep your home hot or cold, it will not lose to the weather as the JM Climate Pro Blow-in does not settle after the installation. It does not lose R-value levels. 

The performance of the JM Climate Pro differs from cellulose-based products as this one will perform far better against changing weather than the first ones. 

But that is not all that the JM Climate Pro will benefit you in terms of insulation, performance, and effectiveness; properly installed, the JM Climate Pro will also reduce the transmission of sounds through walls. Regardless of the walls are interior or exterior, this makes it perfect for bedroom walls and nurseries!  

If you need or are planning to install the JM Climate Pro Blow-in as an insulation product for walls or ceilings in your home, it will not let you down in terms of sound isolation. The performance of the product as a sound insulator in walls and ceilings is just as effective as when it is used inside walls.

As we have mentioned, the John Manville Climate Pro does not release formaldehyde gasses into the environment and for those of us who are worried about the safety of our homes and loved ones, it will be a comfort to know that this particular insulation product is both fire-resistant and Noncombustible. 

Remember that this does not mean that it is fireproof. There are no materials or products to this day that can stand the power of fire. The difference between each material is the amount of heat it is needed to change its current state. Either when it is burned or melted, everything will succumb to the power of fire.  

Therefore, the JM Climate Pro properly withstands the requirements of the fire department in terms of household carbon and electricity-based fires to withstand most of them. Regardless, it is always a duty for every homeowner and construction builder to ensure that the fire hazards are always minimal or reduced to zero.

The JM Climate Pro is also non-corrosive; this is highly beneficial as it will not affect or damage pipes, wiring, or metal studs. You still need to keep the same considerations when doing insulation installation and wiring and pipes, lamps, and other settings.

Where and how should it be used.

The JM climate Pro Blow-in can be used in all the climates in the continental and overseas USA, as it has a wide variety of uses and it is very versatile. The place at the home in which you could use it varies from climate to climate.  

However, it depends on the needs and preferences you have for the insulation you want to have installed in your home.  If installed in heavily humid areas or places where snow is heavy, it will not rot and it will not grow mold or mildew.

This additional benefit provides an insulation material that will not deteriorate with moisture or excessive humidity.  This makes it ideal for areas where snow falls heavily or there is too much cold in the outside and you need to keep your home warm.  

The difference between the temperatures will cause other insulation materials to develop mold, mildew, and sometimes fungus. All of which are detrimental to anyone’s health.  And if in your household there is a person with a respiratory condition such as asthma, it could prove to be fatal.

Another tremendous benefit for the John Manville Climate Pro Blow-in is the easiness of the installation for this particular insulation product. Since it is a blow in there is no need to measure, cut, and make mistakes in this process. All it takes is patience and being methodical…

Since the John Manville Climate Pro blow-in is easy to install and it is applied with the help of a blow in a machine such as the Blow-in blanket system it is highly effective in tight spaces and areas with large amounts of cross-bridging and areas with small gaps and voids. 

Overall, there are many benefits to the John Manville Climate Pro blow-in insulation. To summarize, you will find that this insulation is perfect for areas where mold, mildew, and fungus are commonly sprouted in insulation materials.

It is fire resistant and noncorrosive, It also is ecologically friendly as it is formaldehyde-free and it helps you reduce your carbon footprint as it is thermally efficient and reduces the transmission of noise and sounds.

IF you have questions about how to install, apply, prepare or care for the insulation material contact your John Manville Climate Pro trusted provider or drop us a line.

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