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Keeping Up-To-Date with the Weather.

Weahter is there. When spending leisure time chatting with other humans, trending topics appear. Whether it is the latest judicial war, a problem in the Senate between democrats and republicans, or something else. There are also topics that will never cease to exist, they have become “tradition” in our conversations, one of such topics is […]

How to Insulate a Ceiling in 7 Steps – A Useful Guide

How to Insulate a Ceiling in 7 Steps Every day homeowners and home residents spend hundreds of dollars a month in energy and home climate bills in order to keep their homes comfortable/cool. These expenses sometimes are too heavy for any healthy household economy.  The first step in keeping your economy healthy and even reducing […]

Using Floorboards for Your Attic

Rigid board insulation

Sometimes there are attic spaces that are big enough to walk around or even create a third -usable- floor in a house. Regardless if the attic in question will be set up as a third floor or just remains as an attic space, vacant of furniture or storage boxes, it is essential to keep them […]