Johns Manville R-19 Unfaced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 23 in. x 93 in.


JM R19 23 x 93 Unfaced Fiberglass Insulation Batt

  • Pre-Cut &Easy to Install for standard size wall cavities
  • Formaldehyde-free: Greenguard GOLD certified & SCS Certified to be formaldehyde free
  • Sound Control: Reduces sound transmission through exterior and interior walls, floor and ceiling assemblies.
  • Thermally Efficient: Effective resistance to heat transfer
  • 133.68 Square Feet per Bag
  • Fiberglass Insulation Batt 23 in. x 93 in.x 6.5 in thick
  • Unfaced – Easier to install as its easier to cut and doesn’t bunch
  • Easy Installation – These batts are easy to handle and friction fit in cavities.
  • 4 bags per Master Pack
  • 9 Pieces per bag

JM Unfaced Formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass insulation is prefect for effective thermal and noise control. Our unfaced insulation is available in pre-cut batts to fit standard wall cavities.

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